We are In Between Books Sessions

Welcome to the website of In Between Books Sessions! We are a collective of creators that share the love for music, and we create live sessions that take place in between shelves full of books. In our project, newbies and veterans of music share the stage, side by side. We have welcomed many projects like Cat Clyde, Low Roar, Bad Karma Boy, Katarína Máliková, Blanch, LANNNE and other, roughly, 80 other projects of various genres, and still counting!

We offer a special live music experience to all fans of music, in an intimate atmosphere of a library, but also to those behind the screens around the world via our YouTube channel, as we record all the sessions since the initial applause till the very last note of the concert. Additionally, you can watch short thoughts or longer conversations of our artists about literature that are uncut and authentic. Together with our partners, we bring you live sessions in between books from already our third location and we will expand our archive with sessions from selected Slovak festivals soon enough!

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