Ester Wiesnerova


In Kabinet pomalosti, Ester Wiesnerova performed originals from her debut album Blue Journal. Ester is an internationally active vocalist, composer, and educator. Her music has a touch of jazz and poetry. There are two unusual elements in the band: the blue electroacoustic harp and the unique percussion setup. Ester’s debut album raises questions of identity. Who am I when no one can see? Who am I when all eyes are on me? Who am I in the world of social media? The closing piece of the session, “Burrito” begins with read newspaper articles and then turns into a story of a Mexican man from Tijuana. One day he finds out that he cannot visit his loved one in San Diego anymore, because where there used to be the beach, there is now a wall. He is not welcome in that land anymore. “The songs are sensitive, fragile, she’s really going deep.” says Michal Selep, the bassist. We were able to bring you this session thanks to our partners.