Adam Volt


08.10.2022 | Kabinet pomalosti | Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, Slovakia

Adam Volt is a sound-designer, composer, pianist and aspiring vocalist with a history of experience in many musical projects such as Nourish My Fame, Gladia Moony and Triple Sun. In his latest solo project, he brings vocal music with a touch of psychadelic-rock, avant-pop with jazz elements. An eclectic mix of English vocal songs accompanied by piano, electric guitar, percussion and synth. This session was performed in this line-up. The combination of live synths, piano lines, electric guitar, sub-bass sounds and percussion such as darbuka, djembe and kachon thus offered a colourful range of musical expression full of dynamics and unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy the whole session.

Vocal, piano – Adam Volt
Guitar – Michal Knotek
Synth – Dominika Olešová
Percussions – Martin Madro