Sebastian and Daniel Selke from Germany, also known as award-winning cello-piano duo CEEYS! Their latest album was released in May 2018 and has since received excellent international press (see below). The brothers have been featured on numerous album releases and soundtracks. Cellist Sebastian is also known for collaborating with Ólafur Arnalds, Viktor Arnason and Spitfire Audio. In 2018, for the second time, the brothers presented their boutique music festival Q3Ambientfest: in partnership with Fabrik Potsdam, Dutch music initiative Fluister and Berlin based house concert series Modellbahn Music, they invited like-minded friends and renowned acts such as Anne Müller, Andrea Belfi, Martyn Heyne, Masayoshi Fujita, Midori Hirano, John Metcalfe, Kinbrae and Carlos Cipa to share the stage with them and to create a special interface to music from avant-garde to pop and Potsdam’s diverse historic architecture.