Jay Delver


25.09. 2022 | Kabinet pomalosti | Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, Slovakia

Jay Delver’s music is based on the organic sound of the 70’s-90’s, which he allows to blend freely with modern pop likability, funk rhythms, rock punchiness and spontaneous improvisation. Regardless of trends, he blends the past with the present according to his own recipe. Although this five-member Brno band is mainly active on the domestic scene, listeners often say that it has a world sound. According to the band, this is due to their lively and confident stage presence as well as their quality lyrics sung in precise English, which is hard to find competition in the Czech Republic. Currently, he has released their second studio album in collaboration with producer Amak Golden in the Golden Hive studio in Prague. Songs from that album were also played at this session, so don’t miss it and enjoy their music.