Komplizen der Spielregeln


The last band to perform at the Sharpe Festival was Komplizen der Spielregeln. Band from Cologne that combines elements of post-punk, krautrock, indietronic and pop with German lyrics. The band name “Komplizen der Spielregeln” comes from the work “Stiller” by Max Frisch and holds in the conception of their music as a thematic heading for systematic and multi-perspective observations of the individual, society and pop culture. Tracks /Neu; Am Silberberg 0/ from the last album (Komplizen der Spielregeln, 2019) were also played on this session. About this album it is said that they have changed the musical rules and undergone a metamorphosis that culminates in their best album to date. The indie rock and post-punk of the previous albums still resonate in attitude and aesthetics, but they have impressively repositioned the sonic panorama, rehabilitated their sound and move towards Düsseldorf Kraut-Pop with sonic reduction and finesse, waiting with new energy and not doing without guitars in a world with its own glamour between electronic beat, pop, harmony and midi jitter. The vocals wander between speaking, a bit of screaming, singing, slow, stressed, almost drawn out, then faster again, a bit hit-heavy even, gladly dirty. They’ve brought all that into this session, so don’t miss it. We were able to bring you this session thanks to our partners and thanks to Sharpe festival.