Tomáš Sloboda & Jerguš Oravec


Tomáš Sloboda and Jerguš Oravec played at the 9th year of festival Atmosféra with the band Le Payaco and stopped by to perform an acoustic session at the Dub stage. Jerguš Oravec opened it with his songs, one of which was ‘Cry’. Then he teamed up with Tomáš Sloboda and performed his song ‘Káva a Nikotín’ from his project Sounds Like This. They also performed several covers of their influences like David Bowie and the Beatles. Those, however, will be forever reserved only for the audience at the festival. Their beautiful session full of mutual chemistry ends with Jerguš Oravec’s composition ‘Amadeus’ ending with his exquisite solo. We were able to bring you this session thanks to our partners and thanks to festival Atmosféra.