Bianca Macková is the singer-songwriter from the project called Blanch. Their sound combines the calmness and melancholy of folk and dream pop. Quality of this up-and-coming artist was recognized by several nominations at Radio_Head Awards, as well as with Advanced Investments Fund award. Shortly before the release of her debut album Delusion, Blanch told us […] read more

RadioHead_Awards and us

Since the launch of our project, we have welcomed 40 musicians and bands either young and unknown, or established figures of local music scene in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Some of them had a busy year and are featured in the long-lists of Radio_Head Awards, music awards curated by Rádio_FM. In four categories – Debut of […] read more

Darkness Positive

Darkness Positive – a trio that rocks any place they perform at. In the fresh and well-arranged repertoire that mainly sounds like jazz, it would be a crime to label them strictly as a jazz band. Funk, fusion, and even rap worked in by Šimon Švidraň, Adrian Simonides and Matej Richtarčík is what makes them Darkness […] read more