#47 SFYA (AT)

  • 12.05.2019
  • 19:00 – 19:30
  • Eleven Books and Coffee, Baštova 9, Bratislava
  • Photo by: Thomas Weilguny

SFYA is the project of singer Su Rehrl and multi-instrumentalist Marc Bruckner. SFYA, pronounced similarly to “sphere”, is an acronym for “Simply For Your Attention”, a simple and to the point invitation to focus and engage.
FYA’s sound lies somewhere between acoustic and dream pop. The duo uses the archetypal singer/songwriter sound and blends it with elements of electronic music to take it a step further. Marc provides the core with a rich tapestry of guitar, keyboards, and beats, slowly building up each song with the help of loops and other effects. The tunes are carried by Su’s voice, which has a fine, silvery, almost crystalline quality, but also possesses great depth and perhaps even a certain air of mystery. Su also has her own bag of tricks, and adds to the mix by creating her own choral harmonies and vocal textures. The result is a genre of pop music that is intimate and expansive at the same time.

Voluntary amdission.
The main partner of the project is Slovak Arts Council which supported project by public funds.