Rebeka Mehlyová

Executive Director

Hi! My name is Rebeka. Although I work behind the scenes and you can’t really see me, I am an effective multitasker that can solve anything immediately. Since 2020, I am the team leader at In Between Books Sessions – I took over Mário’s agenda as the project’s CEO. I am also the graphic designer of the project, but the logo was made by Martin Guniš in 2017. Back in the day, when we used to do our sessions at Eleven Books & Coffee, I used to run the bar sometimes and during In Between Books Night at Karloveská knižnica I helped out with the on-site production. I love music since I was a kid. Even back then I listened to classical music, but also heavier stuff as well as some more popular genres. I am really happy that I can meet so many great musicians through our project.